5 reasons why bread is NOT bad for you

At the supermarket yesterday, to grab my usual bread, I had to reach past a 60 something lady who was studying the nutrition labels. She excused herself saying “just checking to see how much sugar is in this bread”. I politely said there was no need to worry about sugar in bread. She looked at me incredulously and said “but isn’t bread bad for you?”. I replied not at all and that I was in fact a dietitian and ate bread everyday for breakfast. Not having time to engage in a full discussion, I continued on my way.

It never ceases to amaze me how basic healthy eating has become so warped thanks to all the fad diets, celebrity diets, food articles in glossy magazines and tabloids and media hype around food.

BREAD IS HEALTHY. While choosing a high fibre wholegrain bread offers the most nutrition and is the most filling, even a white crusty bread (think France, Italy) can be part of a healthy diet too.

sourdough breadSo what makes bread healthy?

1. It provides carbohydrate for energy.
2. It provides a range of B vitamins for energy metabolism and other functions.
3. It can be an excellent source of dietary fibre for good bowel health and to fill you up (good for weight control).
4. Most breads in Australia are fortified with iodine and folate, two important nutrients many Australians don’t get enough of.
5. It is naturally low in fat and sugar.

You do need to mindful of the kilojoules/calories, like many foods, over-eating bread will make weight control harder.

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