10 things you need to be healthy

10 things you need to be healthy

• Access to fresh food
• A place to store, prepare and cook food
• Basic food preparation and cooking skills
• Shelter and a safe environment
• To be active in a way you enjoy
• Adequate sleep
• Adequate rest and relaxation
• To do something you enjoy
• Social connectivity
• A sense of purpose

Note: this list is not exhaustive and we are happy for you add comments on other things people require live a healthy life.

10 things you don’t need to be healthy

• A nutribullet
• To follow a wellness guru who promotes a specific way of eating
• To follow an attractive wellness guru with a slim fit body
• To “eat clean”
• To “go paleo”
• To eat gluten free (unless you have Coeliac disease)
• To avoid all added sugar
• Thrash yourself with high intensity exercise
• Six pack abs
• A lean or thin body

Note: we are not saying it’s wrong to do these things, we are just pointing out they are not a necessity for achieving good health.

If you find yourself feeling “holier than thou” or really good about yourself when you do these things, but terrible about yourself when you’re unable to stick by them, then chances are they are causing you more harm than good.

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