Three Unknown Facts About Dental Implants

When it comes to tooth replacement options, dental implants are one of the best out there in terms of performance & versatility. But, not many people know about dental implants because the procedure isn’t as common as getting dentures. Such a lack of proper knowledge can lead to misconceptions and thereby leading to patients dismissing the possibility of getting dental implants. 

Hence, to assist you in learning more about dental implants, we have rounded up some of the major facts that you need to know. 

Major Facts Regarding Dental Implants

  1. While Dental Implants Will Not Get Cavities You Still Need To Brush Daily

According to dentists offering dental implants in Toorak, the material that’s used for creating dental implants will not decay like your normal teeth, which means you don’t have to deal with fillings or cavities. But, it should be learned that just because your dental implants cannot get cavities doesn’t mean that you should stop brushing your teeth altogether.

For instance, if you’ve got one or more than one dental implant, you’ll still have natural teeth in your mouth that you have to care for. Even if you have replaced all your teeth with dental implants, not brushing can still make your mouth receptible to tissue or gum infections. 

Over time, food particles will continue to collect on your dental implants, thereby leading to infection and inflammation in the living tissue present in your mouth. 

  1. Dental Implants Can Easily Outlast Other Tooth Replacement Options

Usually, you’d want to have your real teeth for the rest of your life. But, most of the time it’s an impossible event to fulfil, which is why you’d want a tooth replacement option that’s durable in the long run. Furthermore, most tooth replacement options tend to be temporary. For instance, a bridge will only be as healthy as the teeth present around it and once one of the teeth (on either side of the bridge) gets damaged, the bridge will need to be replaced. 

Moreover, a bridge puts pressure on the teeth present around it, which means tooth damage is almost inevitable. Furthermore, dentures are also temporary because they need to be changed as your mouth alters in shape over time while also wearing out. 

Comparatively, dental implants can be touted as a permanent solution. This is because they are always anchored into your jaw and will only need to be removed or replaced if they are damaged or there is an implant failure. So, as long you take care of your dental implants, similar to the way you take care of your real teeth, you can proceed to enjoy them for the rest of your life. 

  1. More People Are Opting For Dental Implants Nowadays

Among the common public, there’s a severe misconception that dental implants tend to be an uncommon choice among patients needing tooth replacements. However, the truth is – that more people nowadays are opting for dental implants – much more than ever before. 

According to recent reports, more than three million people around the world are now opting for dental implants and the numbers are expected to grow by almost 500K every year. The reason behind such a rise in popularity is because – they are becoming more accessible as the technology matures over time. 

So, if you’re still on the fence on whether you should opt for dental implants or not, then the above-mentioned facts will surely be able to convince you. 

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