How to Improve Your Sexual Life through Exercise?

If you don’t think that toning, losing weight, maintaining good self-esteem, and keeping fit are enough reasons to exercise regularly, your sex life is the next motivator! These are just a few areas where exercise can make a real difference.

Exercise makes you feel more attractive

When you’re conscious about your health and body, it is easy to feel more attractive to your partner. Many of my clients have said that they feel more attractive to their partners when they exercise regularly.

Flexibility leads to more options for sex

Have you ever wondered why people make fun of the advantages of being flexible when it is about sex? Because the main areas used for sex are the hips, shoulders and back. These areas will make sex uncomfortable and may limit the types of positions you can try.

Regular physical activity can lead to enhanced arousal

Exercise releases a variety of chemicals known as endorphins. This same chemical release occurs during sex. It is easier to get sexually stimulated if you can activate this endorphin release through sex and exercise more often.

Women in their 40s can have better lives

A study of more than 5,500 Finnish women aged 40-54 found statistically significant positive associations between strenuous exercise, orgasm experiences and women in their 40s. Examples of strenuous exercise include intense interval training such as Tabata and sprint training, intense gym or boot camp classes, or challenging weight training sessions.

Men are less likely to have erectile dysfunction.

The 2010 meeting of the Urological Association was attended by Erin McNamara of Duke University Medical Center . She presented results that indicated: “Men moderately active – walking briskly for 30 minutes per day, or equivalent – were approximately two-thirds less likely than their sedentary counterparts to have sexual dysfunction.” This is an excellent reason for men to get up from the couch or get out of their chair.

Exercise strengthens the cardiovascular system and improves circulation

Aerobic exercise improves circulation and can reduce stress. It can also rejuvenate the body and give us renewed energy to go to bed at night. Aerobic exercise can also increase blood flow to the genital areas, making you more ready for sexual activity.

Key Exercises to More Satisfying Sex

Being fitter and healthier will make a big difference. You can also increase your strength, flexibility, and stamina at bed by doing specific exercises.

Pelvic Floor Exercises (or Kegels)

This is done to strengthen the muscles of the pubococcygeus or PC. This area can be strengthened by doing pelvic floors. Women will experience more consistent orgasms, and men may have stronger and longer-lasting erections if they do this. Begin by holding the area for five seconds, then move on to ten second holds that can be done up to three times per day.

Core Strengthening

Core strength refers to your abdominal, pelvis and middle strength . Abdominal crunches and alternate-arm leg raises are good ways to increase core strength. Alternate arm leg lift is when you place your arms on the floor with your knees bent and face down. Next, raise the other arm and leg simultaneously. After a few seconds, switch sides. This will not only strengthen your core but it will also help you balance.

Upper Body Work

You must have strength in your upper body for any sexual position that requires you to use your arms to support yourself (e.g. missionary for the man). pushups are key exercises to strengthen your upper body. You can use the rowing machine at the gym to work your chest and triceps or free weights to do various upper-body sets like bicep curls and tricep pushbacks.


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