The Moderation Movement

themoderationmovement (18)Come join The Moderation Movement!

The Moderation Movement was founded in November 2014 by Jodie Arnot from healthy balance fitness and myself and we have amassed well over 20,000 followers in less than a year!

Jodie and I are ran our first Moderation Movement Event this year on February 27th in Melbourne. It was a great success and the feedback overwhelmingly positive. We are planning our next event for later this year, watch this space.

The Event is all about reconnecting with your body in order to reconnect with food and being active in ways you enjoy. You will learn how to nurture a positive attitude to eating, your body and being active, so you can enjoy all food, fall in love with exercise and be the healthiest version of you!

Below is photo from the event of one of the activities, the post-it notes are all the many things people admire in other people that have nothing to do with appearance or body size.

 The Moderation Movement Event

 Moderation Movement – The Event – click here for information on what our events are about.

Much of the Western world has gone food & fitness mad and our mission is to counter all the hype and promote a healthy enjoyment of all food and encourage exercise for enjoyment, not punishment. Our huge following supports our belief that many people are tired of all the hype, food rules, dieting and focus on weight loss and looking lean and are craving balance which is exactly what we offer!

It’s not WHAT you eat, it’s HOW you eat that determines your health.

To understand more about this, please join our movement by liking our Moderation Movement Facebook page and encourage your friends and family to also join by sharing posts from the Moderation Movement. Together we can counter the current trend toward more and more extreme views on what constitutes healthy eating and fitness.

We can also be found on Instagram @moderationmovement and twitter @ModerationMvmt.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Zoe & Jodie

The Moderation Movement